Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Month in Kids

-is turning 20 next week
-can we just let that sink in for a little while longer?
-i'm old
-is plowing through school
-has stalled on the missionary talk, but I don't think it's the last we've seen of it
-has become a mean microwave, paper bag, popcorn maker
-is single again
-as far as temperaments is a phlegmatic/choleric, which is weird

-is an 11yo trying to be 20
-is so helpful and caring
-has a mean streak like her momma
-is trying to figure out this hormone, body changing thing and is getting frustrated, which means she's developing normally
-has come a long way through lots of hard work in her gymnastics
-can go from normal to drama queen in 0.2 milliseconds 
-is melancholic/sanguine, which again is weird.  Maybe this is what it looks like to have a mix of momma and daddy

-is chilling out after a rigorous football schedule
-is already signed up for spring baseball with this new program
-tries daily to escape the throws of all this female drama and fails miserably
-loves grammar and writing at co-op
-is always referred to as calm and loving by everyone he knows
-lives on dairy.  Period.
-loves to be home and playing with his daddy
-is the epitome of phlegmatic

-is losing teeth left and right with fruit; first an apple, then an orange
-is the most talkative of the family
-announces the latest news in our family to every person she meets
-her life has been saved numerous times by her cuteness
-is caring, loving, and tells it like it is
-has my dry sense of humor and comedic timing
-has made it a necessity to bring back the blessings/consequences chart to the family
-sanguine all the way!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold November Daybook

Outside my window...
It's 41 and cloudy.  We got that arctic chill coming in from Alaska supposedly.  It looks like it's going to snow, and there are some rumors it'll happen.  I'm fine with that as long as it's not a "go outside and play" snow.  I'm not ready for all that mess and gear yet.

Giving thanks...
We've had some good weekends here as of late.  We're getting into busy time in my family.  Lots of birthdays intermingled amongst holidays makes for a fun, stressful time.  Still have my eye on the goal of making it to Christmas vacation.  Countdown stands at 29 days!

In the schoolroom...
We are doing lots, but I can't post any pics cuz they have other kids in them.  Boo!  Rory's been reading some amazing books.  Logan talked his teacher into letting him do a history project building a Robin Hood "world" in Minecraft.  I was not happy about that one, but oh well.  Marley has been flying through kindergarten fast than her teacher can keep up.  Report cards have come in and there are A's across the board with the exception of one B for Rory in Science.  She decided to ask the teacher how to improve her grade.  She received her answer and has been striving to do what she has asked.  

From the kitchen...
We've been enjoying the 1/4 cow we bought.  That comes in handy!  We've been transitioning to our cold weather dishes.  We did find an awesome chili recipe.  It was really delicious.  I can't post a link because it was in a book.  Sorry!

I am creating...
A Joy Journal.  This is different than the gratitude journal.  The gratitude journal is writing down things you are thankful for.  The joy journal is going to be writing down my moments of joy, which means I have to notice them.  Since that it not my strongest suit, I'm hoping this will keep me aware of my journey to joy.  For instance, I am thankful that I have slippers today because it is freezing in our house.  I'm joyful that I've had time to sit here by the huge kitchen window, with a bowl of warm gumbo, and write some of this blog.

I don't ever want to forget...
the funnyisms I was telling you about and then forgot!  I remembered.  We were on our way to Frozen on Ice and Logan says, "What does funk you mean?"  Before we could ask what he was talking about, he says, "F*CK YOU.  Funk you.  It's written on that wall over there."  Never have I been glad for his slight reading than I was at that moment while we were all in the car.  Kaelyn and Rory giggled in the back seat, and we glossed over it saying people sure do write silly things on walls that don't even make sense.  Whew!

I am working on...
getting the basement cleaned up and organized to prepare for the extra room.  The wall is going up this weekend, but it'll be a while to get everything situated where it needs to go.  We're selling some things, and unfortunately, moving the guineas on to a new family.  We simply don't have the room with the room going in.  Ha!  Rory's upset but has now set her eyes on a new goal...a hamster.  Lord, help me.  Why did I, a lover of cold and a not crazy about animals gal end up with a beach husband and kids, who love animals?  PENANCE.  I must've done something wrong if I have to start my penance now.  It was probably something in my teenage years.  ;)

I am reading...
St. Theresa's Interior Castle still.  I had Adoration this morning, and I was trying to catch up on my Carmel reading.  I had been praying for peace and questioning why I'm so angry all the time and such.  The answers were in my reading.  I love it when God does that.  Now, to act on them is the biggest challenge.  

I am praying...
for Rory.  Eleven is such a hard age.

I am hearing...
the kids making a mess of downstairs since I'm trying to clean it up.  Of course.  Oh, and the dishwasher.

Around the house...
Didn't we already go over this?  Things are getting done here and there.  I need a more consistent system.  Something other than inviting people over for dinner, so I'm forced to clean.  

One of my favorite things...
tea with honey.  As these days get colder and colder, I love sitting at the schooling table warming my hands on my mug of hot tea.  Drinking it helps me stay warm too.  Now if I didn't need three cups a day to get through, but Kevin doesn't like heat so...

A few plans for next week...
I have my homeschool review.  Logan's trying out a new ortho guy.  (don't ask)  Amanda and Tyler's birthday celebration.  Then Kaelyn's.  AAAAHHHHH!  Told you it was a lot.

A picture thought for you...
What happens when Logan's head collides with Marley's mouth.  The tooth fell out while eating an orange this afternoon.  She wouldn't let anyone pull it.  Waiting for the Canadian tooth fairy to make her long journey down here.  

*Joy Journal*
-Getting some things sold to make room in the basement
-A husband that runs around taking said things to their buyers for me
-Listening to all four "kids" (R,L,M, and Kevin) playing Minecraft together.  Even though they fought the whole time, they really enjoy playing that together
-Watching Rory land her front handspring at gymnastics without any help from the teacher.  She was so excited!
-The giggles from the kids at seeing snow on the grass

Sunday, November 9, 2014


We went to school on Friday and had to rush home for Marley's physical at the doc.  We waited FOREVER.  I did get the kids' flu shots.  At one point during the exam, the doc asked if Marley was always so happy.  That evening I tried to get the downstairs in some sort of shape to add a wall.  Stay tuned.

Saturday we went to the craft fair at our local church.  The kids picked up some cool things, but I think there would've been more choices at a different one. We headed to my parents for the day.  We got out to do some shopping with my mom and went to confession.  We got there late and had to stand in line.  I told Kevin I needed one confession for before we got in line, and one confession for being in line.  Ha!  We were out of line in time to go to that church's craft fair.  It wasn't that great either because they were closing it down.

Sunday we went to a movie as a family.  Dolphin Tale 2 finally came to the dollar theater.  Then we went to Roy Rogers for lunch.  Kaelyn joined us also.  It was a great time!  When we got home, Kevin started a fire, so I could burn some order forms that had credit card numbers on them.  It was a quiet, low-key evening.  We had electronics today because it was a feast day.  I'm sure Kevin will have plenty to say about that.  

For fun...

Marley and I were doing something in her bedroom, and Kevin was in the kitchen.  I said something to Kevin, and he said, "Marley, tell your mother she's on crack."  Marley turned to me and said, "Daddy says you're un-correct."  It was pretty funny.

There was more, but I can't remember them now.  Darn, darn, darney darn.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

JOY-full Weekend!

Halloween.  Rory went home from co-op with some friends for a party and trick-or-treating.  Kaelyn went to work, which left Kevin, Logan, Marley, and I to trick-or-treat by ourselves.  We just went around our neighborhood to keep it simple.  The kids were cold and didn't want to wear jackets.  Yada, Yada, Yada.
Marley was a fairy; Logan was a ninja; Rory was a pirate; and Kaelyn...
Kaelyn was the Terminator.  She had a sticker on her face and chest, but the rest was her own makeup.

We meant to make it to the gym, but we didn't.  The kids needed bathed.  They all went to bed late, and sometimes you just know when you need to stay home.  The kids all took bubble baths while Kevin and I switched all their drawers over to cold weather clothes.  We also cleaned their room and living room.  It was nice just putting around the house and getting some things done.  That evening was the Light the Night Walk.  Our friends joined us again.  It was great!
Face painting
Instead of balloons this year, they had lanterns; red for supporters, gold for in memory of, and white for survivors.  Look at all those lanterns!  That was just the start of the line.  Tradition has it that after the walk, we go to Roy Rogers for dinner.  Since that's not a very Paleo-ISH friendly place, we went to Boston Market.  Our friends' kids had never had it.  What the what?!?  That seems impossible!  They all like it.  Yay!  We got home pretty late, so it was nice to add an extra hour.  We snuck into the kids room before bed and changed their clock.  That's the way to do it, so they don't know.  ;)

This morning we hit 8a Mass at the different church again.  We rushed home, changed, and headed out the door to Disney's Frozen on Ice at the nearby arena.  We thought we were doing good leaving at 930a especially since the show didn't start until 11a. We brought lunch to eat in the car before going into the show, but with all the traffic, we had to pull that out when we were still on the road at 1045a.  Traffic was AWFUL!  A couple of friends had warned that the arena people checked begs, but not people, so we snuck in water and a snack for each kid.  They weren't happy about it since they saw all the fun $13 cotton candy and sno-cones, but I brought gum, so they didn't complain much.  

At intermission, I tried to take Marley to the bathroom.  The line was impossibly long.  This arena worker came up and said that he had the door and let us go into the men's room.  We were 5th in line when another female arena worker came barging in and saying we had to leave or be arrested.  Huh?  So we went back out and Marley never went potty.  They were already starting the show by this time, and she didn't want to miss any.  We left right at the end before all the wrap up of the show, and I got her right into a stall before the trip home.  We got back to the parking garage and sat there in line to get out for 45 minutes.  No.good.  We finally made it home 45 minutes after that.  

We made Kaelyn's favorite dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, pasta-roni, and forgot the corn).  We had a family dinner followed by smores outside by the fire. Yes, I had two even though graham crackers have gluten.  Sometimes family memories and participation are more important.  Anywho, after that we came inside and started a fire in the fireplace.  The kids colored while I started reading a new book aloud.  We put Marley to bed and ended up actually finishing the book, A Cabin Faced West by Jean Fritz.
Logan could not keep his eyes open with my bright phone camera flash.
Or Marley
I couldn't get a picture with Kevin's eyes open...all the way.
There was so much joy this weekend, I feel guilty for ever saying it needed finding.  I hope the kids have fond memories for a lifetime.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Field Trip Friday!

Days like today confirm our home school decision.  We went to the Grotto of Lourdes, Mass on the Mount, and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine.  There were only a few families, so it was perfect.  Two of Rory's friends were there too!  We wanted to go while the leaves were still changed.  It was beautiful!