Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Last year Marley's birthday.
The difference of a year.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Whoas

It started out as a lazy weekend.  It looked like rain Saturday morning, and instead of heading out to the gym, we sat around the house.  I got a couple things clean but not much.  We went to Logan's game just in time for it to start raining.  They lost.  :(

Kevin and I have not been eating so well, so we decided to take the weekend off.  We took the kids to Hard Times because nothing says chili like cold rain except that by the time we left, it was sunny and warm.  The whole family went.  It was nice.

Sunday we relaxed around the house and went to church.  We got some things done (meaning we might actually finish the kitchen sometime this year).   Kevin mowed the grass, and the kids got some good play time outside.  We decided to finish off the night at Roy Rogers because Kaelyn decided to tell me at 230p in the afternoon that she needed art supplies.  We headed out to Frederick and Michaels.  Unfortunately, Michael's didn't have everything she needed.  It was 630p and we were headed from Frederick to Baltimore for an art store that had what she needed because they were the only one open until 8p on a Sunday.  

This store was in downtown Baltimore.  Did I mention there was a Ravens game AND an Orioles game happening?  It was lovely.  We found the store after driving through a bad part of town.  We started walking in the wrong direction and had to backtrack to the car.  We finally made it, and the girl was very helpful and knew everything that Kaelyn needed.  It was great.  The kids were ok through the whole mess.  

On the way back, Mario (our GPS) decided to take us through the ghetto to get back home.  It was RIDICULOUS.  We finally made it home and got everyone in bed.  The end!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

St. Joseph Will not Sell my Home

Quick, funny story.  We had the house blessed a couple weeks ago.  The priest mentioned to make sure each room had a Crucifix.  I went to our local Christian store and wiped them clean of crucifixes, but I still needed a couple more.  While at my parents this weekend, we went to their catholic store in church, and there was a wide variety of crucifixes to choose from.  We got two and started to head out when I asked if they had a St. Joseph home selling kit. 

When our friends moved to Florida, they had us bury a small St. Joseph statue in their front yard to help sell their house.  We did it for them, but we weren't able to dig St. Joseph back up before the new family moved in.  Our friends told us not to worry about it, and we didn't.  Fast forward to now and us needing St. Joseph's help for the same task.  

We bought a statue, but it didn't come with the home selling prayer.  When I looked it up, I was horrified.  The prayer states that you are making St. Joseph suffer by burying him upside down until the home is sold.  Of course we immediately thought of our friends' St. Joseph that we never dug up.  He's been suffering for many years since selling their house.  He's not going to want to do anything for us!

We went to Mass this morning and brought all the crucifixes we had bought for the house to be blessed by our priest.  In the bag with the crucifixes was St. Joseph.  Maybe he would forgive us if we blessed him?  Feeling good, we got home and I unloaded all the crucifixes.  Unfortunately in my zeal, St. Joseph came tumbling out of the bag, fell on the floor, and was beheaded.  

Kevin kragled (Lego speak for crazy glued) his head back on.  We're pretty sure this means we're staying put in this house cuz there's no way he's helping us now!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Mars

Happy birthday to my spunky, sassy, hot-headed, caring, loving, compassionate, firecracker.  I love you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School Bucys

The Bucys' went back to school (co-op) today.  Here are our new roles.
We got home at 4p.  Logan went off to football practice, and tonight was me and Marley's first night of Little Flowers.  It's like a catholic Girl Scouts.  We didn't get home until 9p, and she's still up.  I'm going to bed and preparing for some major crankiness tomorrow, from all of us!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Seven Quick Takes

Where to begin?  Sorry for my prolonged absence.  Remember how I procrastinate?  Well, co-op starts next week, so I've been lesson planning.  Also, Kevin went to Nashville to move his brother.  Wait, this is seven quick takes, so here we go.
Kevin went to Nashville to help his brother move.  He left last Thursday and got back Sunday.  I didn't blog about it because my mom would've killed me for putting that information "out there" like that.  I was trained on how to shoot the gun, which was left loaded in our locked cabinet.  I tried to be "fun" while Kevin was gone.  We had a sleepover in the living room, made tents, got ice cream...I hope I was fun. 

While Kevin was gone, I took Logan to his very first football game.  It was raining profusely too.  Oh, and they assigned me to work the concession stand that morning.  I went from 9-1030a, came home and got Logan, and had Kaelyn come with the girls at noon, which was his actual game time.  Luckily, Nana was there with a big umbrella, and we had enough little ones for everyone else.  Technically, Logan's team lost, but they're little so there really wasn't any score keeping on the board at least.  He did ok.  If I thought he could hear me, I would've shouted for him to not just stand there a couple of times, but it was his first game.  Afterward he got MacDonald's, which I don't like doing, but he loves and hadn't eaten for three hours!

Did I mention co-op starts next week?  I am scrambling to get my room ready, and my lessons planned.  I think one or the other will get done but not both.  It's tricky since we can only get into the building when someone else is there to let us in.  Since two of the people with keys were on vacation this week, I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but we still did a good bit.  Kevin got to come and finally see my classroom all done up.
I made these cupcakes by hand.  If you look closely, they're messed up, but they don't look too bad from far away.  Yay!

I visited my parents a couple weekends ago, and my mom presented me with an old tin of Whitman's cookies.  Inside was beads, strings, crosses, and makings for Rosaries.  I used to make Rosaries with my sisters when I was younger.  My mom and I figured the tin was about 30 years old.  Rory caught on quick that evening as I tried to remember how to make the knots.  Unfortunately, the tin only contained a couple colors other than green, and those beads were gone fairly quickly.  I ordered up some new beads, and we're back in business.  We've already had some blessed.  Funny story...We were in the car, and Rory asked if "White Man's" still makes cookies.  We said, "WHAT!?"  I looked back and saw that she had the tin.  She mispronounced Whitman's.  Speaking of blessings...

We had our old priest come out and bless our house. It was so nice of him and quick too.  Logan and Marley were excited to meet him because he baptized both of them.  We did a little ceremony, and he went room to room blessing along the way.  We all were blessed too.  Since then we've all been sleeping better, but I'm still going to smudge the house on a recommendation of a friend.  Smudging is going around your house, clockwise, with burning sage.  You open your doors and windows, so that all negative energy leaves.  It's supposed to be like cleaning your house.  I'm going to cover all my bases, and it can't hurt.  My friend is going to do it for/with me.
We spent our last spend Sunday at Good Will again.  I'm going to have to go back again this weekend to get some more books for my classroom.  Anyway, Marley found a pink Hello Kitty guitar.  It's missing two strings, but she plays away on it...so do Rory and Logan.  They've been having "mass" together and each playing the priest.  The guitar comes in handy for the Responsorial Psalm.  It's really cute, but I'll post more on that later.  Logan scored himself a picture of San Francisco (don't ask me why), and Rory got herself a glass pitcher pouring thingy, hence the "mass" playing.  Eventually they'll figure out that they should try to hold onto their money some rather than spend it right out of the gate.

We had a playdate today with my dear friends, Courtney and Beckie.  We swam, ate, laughed...these ladies.  We normally try to do Saturday morning meetings a Panera without kids, but it hasn't worked all summer.  These ladies get me.  It stinks that we're all in three different co-ops and spaced apart.  I'm definitely going to try to keep in touch more with both of them.  Courtney was telling me a story today that I could've said verbatim any other time myself.  Those are soul buddies.  We are God led and trying to stay afloat.  Makes sisters, I tell ya!  At snack time Marley had a bit too much watermelon.  I told her she looked like Heath Ledger in Batman, but of course, she didn't know what I was talking about.  
One More to Grow on...
I may not have my school room done, but I'll be relaxing come Halloween.  Check!