Tuesday, July 29, 2014

And She's Gone...Again

Well, my seester left this past Saturday.  I drove her to the airport.  I felt like it was a nice closing, since I picked her up this time too.  Her stay was not as long this time, and that really stunk!  We still managed to get in some fun times and lots of eating.  I have never enjoyed a push fall from Paleo as I did this time with my seester.  

I don't know where to start, so I'm just going to post pics and explain them as I see fit.  Otherwise, it will just be a memorial to her and her family.
Opening Day

Dayce just started randomly lying on Kaelyn.  She just went with it.  It was cute.
Have I told you lately that I hate my hair?  Well I do.
We drove home from the beach that night, and all the kids waited until we were over the Bay Bridge to fall asleep in the car.  It was pretty funny.  There was a storm, and we heard the alert that no trucks were being allowed to cross the bridge due to high winds.  Once they were asleep, the rain started, and we came home to no power at 1130p.  It was a great night.  NOT.
These two were born two years and two days apart.
My seester and I got them each the same thing!  Just kidding...I bought them the same thing from each of us and she paid me back, but I'm sure if left to our own devices, we would've bought them the same thing.
My mom gave us money for when Maria came to stay with us for a little bit.  I texted her this pic and said, "Thank you for paying Doris to go to the zoo."  Of course I meant to say "for us" and my phone put Doris instead.  It was pretty funny.  My mom wrote back, "Who's Doris?"  :)
That's Logan with a bengal tiger in the background.  Get it?  His middle name is Tiger.
Logan had a map and said,"We're going to see a bobcat next."  Get it?  That boy has my sense of humor.
Blueberry picking!
Roy Rogers!
We started calling these two the twins...born 16 months apart.  
At the airport.  We did lots more than these pics, but I guess I didn't take pictures as much.  Maria did come up with this fabulous idea to have a sibling weekend in the spring.  Our eldest sister is on board, so we're trying to find places in between us...like Chicago or something.  We can start saving now and maybe our mom will put some money towards each ticket, since we're trying to do it around all our birthdays.  (*hint*hint*mommy)  
There is also talk of a family trip to Canada next year for Dayce's First Communion and Confirmation.  We're throwing around the idea of renting an RV and stopping by Niagara Falls and such on the way.  Can you imagine?  I've always dreamed of an RV trip, but it might just turn out to be a car drive and stopping at hotels.  We'll see which one is more cost efficient.  
Until then, I miss my seester.  :(  I think as you grow up, your family becomes more important.  And as we look for places to move to, I keep telling KJ that North Dakota or Montana aren't an option, but maybe I'm just saying that.  Maybe we can find some place between his brother and my seester.  Where would that be?  Anyway, it was a wonderful visit, and I'm looking forward to our sibling weekend.  Stay tuned! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kaelyn Goes to Maine and Rhode Island

Kaelyn went on a trip with her boyfriend's family.  There were lots of picture to go through, but I picked out the ones I like the best.  Roll film!
I can't believe she tried clams!  We're just happy to have her home.  :)