Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This Kid

You may remember our struggles with the kids' teeth.  Well, Monday I had to take Logan in for another cavity filling.  They gave me the work up when we got there.  It was going to be close to $300 because they were going to give him Nitrates Oxide, which is not covered by insurance.  

We got him in the chair, and the dentist asked if he wanted the happy air.  She then said that it was a small cavity, and it would be really quick if we didn't do the happy air.  I knew this meant a Novocain shot, so I talked it up to Logan.  He wouldn't feel sick after, and it wouldn't take as long.  He agreed to no happy air and saved us $125, and we were out of there within a half hour.  He was so brave and did beautifully.  I was so scared for him, but in retrospect, I never got happy air when I was a kid.  That's probably why my teeth are so bad now.  

The doctor said he did so well, and she was so surprised.  So Kevin and I decided he should get a little treat from the store for the money he saved us. He got some remote controlled something.  I'm so proud of him!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Stuff and Pics

I went to my first fundraiser luncheon.  Here's all the food they served that I packed up for Kevin.  ;)  It was really hard, but I ate the carrots off my salad and tried the cucumber.  It was fun.  The next one is in April for cancer, and this one is a dress-up one.  
I found sugar free bacon!  It was so good today.  I went 33 days without.  I can't believe it.
Lunch was good!
We went to my parents and got the kids to the playground.  It was cold outside, but since it wasn't in the 30's, they thought it was no jacket weather.  We made it to Whole Foods, who had the bacon.  We don't have one near to us here.  I have 13 days left of my whole46.  I'm getting a little bored with my meals, so I have to find some new recipes.  The bacon was good timing.  I should've gotten more than one pack!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Remember when I was talking about busyness being a sickness?  I've been sick this past week.  Too much going on, and it caught up with me last night.  I was able to get back to the gym tonight for the first time in almost a week.  It felt great.  I'm on day 28 of my whole40.  I made an awesome soup for dinner that will last me a while, which is super exciting.  Here are some happenings.

Rory LOVED the nun run or convent hopping.  She has her heart set on the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville.  I told her she had a while to discern, but I'll take it while she's excited about it.  it's nice to see her faith on fire.  Look at all these girls!  It was a great turnout.
The box next to the picture of Mother Teresa has some of her hair in it.  It was pretty cool.

Other than that, there have been some birthdays,  my MIL and my sister.  I always make my sister her favorite cookies for her birthday.  It sucks every year.  ;)
I was highly disliking whole30 this day.  

Otherwise, I've been eating some pretty good meals. 
More busyness coming up the rest of the week.  Tomorrow is St. Joseph's feast day.  The kids are excited because there's no fasting on solemnities.  Friday is school and Stations of the Cross that evening.  Saturday we're helping pack lunches for the poor, and sunday is off to Va.  I'm tired just typing it.  Pray for me!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Five for Friday

I am tired.  It has been a heck of a week so far, and it's still not over.  I read an article today stating that being busy is a sickness.  The gentleman decided to view his life as full instead of busy, since he was the one controlling the busyness.  Spring sports and plays haven't started, and I'm already ready to throw in the towel.  I think we might have to take another look at how busy we're going to let ourselves be.

We took Rory's hamster to the vet today.  She paid $53 for an animal that cost $14.  I tried to explain to her that mathematically, it was a loss, but her animal loving heart won out.  Originally, I told her how ridiculous she was.  Then I realized that I didn't want to be a parent who didn't encourage their kid in something she's passionate about, or worse, make her feel like her feelings weren't valid.  So I drove a half hour to a vet who would take hamsters.  I loaned her $24 to do the appt. and the medicine for the hamsters hurt bum.  It was scratched by her sister!  Rory did the whole appt. herself...answering questions, asking questions, and learning how to give the medicine.  I was proud of her.  Dumpling looks like she will make a full recovery.

You wouldn't know that while we were more than halfway to the vet, which was less painful to go to a half hour away because she had volleyball practice down the street, Rory realized she forgot her sneakers.  She only had her tall black boots.  Crying ensued, and after an already eventful day, we blew off volleyball.  They haven't had practice the past two weeks because of weather, so they were probably reviewing today.  That's what I'm hoping.

It had been such an eventful day already because the kids and I went to see Godspell this morning at a local theater.  I had never seen it, and they run these cheap ticket shoes for area schools.  It's wonderful because the tickets cost us $15 when normally they would run $60-$75.  The show was wonderful!  So much so that I wanted to take Kevin and Kaelyn to see it, but it's not meant to be.  The tickets are full price for me to take them, and it's only open through Sunday.  This weekend is already jam-packed, so I'll have to let this one go.  We have become close with another family at our co-op, and Marley insists on having lunch with the mom, and playing with the mom, and doing anything with the mom.  Throughout the whole play, she hugged this other mom's arm.  I wasn't jealous, but I felt bad because her arm had to be hurting draped across Marley the whole show.  The ending was a little frightening for the younger kids, and Marley dropped her arm and ran into my lap to bury her face.  I guess some things only mom can take care of.  

On Saturday Rory and I venture out for the day by ourselves.  We are going convent hopping.  While Rory seems to be boy crazy at this stage, she harbors a spark for the religious life.  I'm staying neutral in the matter, but I want to make sure she's getting equal time with both opinions.  She's a very religious little girl and loves the saints.  This tour is designed to show that nuns are not the stereotype people make them out to be.  I'm pretty excited, and it's nice that Rory's going in not knowing what to expect.  It keeps her mind open.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This and That

This weekend was my MIL's birthday.  We went to Olive Garden.  It.was.hard.  I love their breadsticks.  I brought my own water bottle and a thermos of food.  If I didn't break down then, it's a good chance I won't break down next weekend for my sister's birthday at another Italian restaurant.  I am dreaming of food though.  :(

The kids had a short school week last week, so we're back to the grind this week with the warmer weather.  Three more weeks, and we're off for Easter vacation. It's felt a little like vacation this winter with all the time off we got.  It's nice that we can still do our work without going to school.  

I found out I haven't been eating enough on my Whole30 program.  The problem is that I can't finish what I'm supposed to be eating.  Anyway, I'm hoping I can get back on track and feel some of the effects of this.  Another issue is that everyone is eating my food!  I'm glad the kids like it, but we are going through some serious cash.  Kaelyn gave up fast-food for Lent, so she's been eating everything I make.  She says she can feel the difference, since the food is healthier than what she's used to.  The kids love chicken.  I've found some pretty good recipes that are going into circulation.  Most of them are pretty labor intensive unfortunately.  Of course that would be the ones they like.  

To make your mouth water...this was my dinner.  Hard to complain about "having" to eat all this.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bucy Food

Sunday is normally no electronics day around here.  Add an ice storm to that and "boredom" is quick to set in.  First it started with Rory wanting to make dessert.  She makes these carrots and applesauce muffins that she really likes and wanted something with lemon instead.  I looked up a recipe, and she was off to baking.  
That started Logan and Marley perusing the cookbooks we have.  Marley picked out a snack idea to make, and Logan picked out a dinner.  We happened to have drumsticks thawing in the fridge, and that's what he found a recipe for.  It was meant to be.  
Marley's snack was fairly simple, and I'm proud of her for finding something suitable to her experience. I can't remember the name of the sandwiches, but it involved mixing peanut butter with honey and spreading it on some toast.  Then you top it with shaped banana slices.  She did pretty well with it, and everyone ate it!
Logan's drumstick recipe had been made before, and we remembered the kids didn't like it.  I had made nuggets a couple nights ago with a breading on them, and all the kids ate them up.  So I switched up the recipe and had Logan make the breading mixture but bake them in the oven.  He did well dredging them in the egg and crumbs.  
Kevin added some fried rice to the menu to go with the drumsticks, and then Rory made a lemon icing to go with her lemon cake.  Did I mention it was a whole wheat cake?  Even though today was their "lent-free" day and they didn't have to eat whole foods, they still did.  I think I might get into this whole cookbook thing.  I could have them find things and make them.  It may not be whole foods, but it won't be from a box.  ;)
Here's some pics...I'm a proud momma.