Sunday, December 21, 2014

O Christmas Tree!

We decided to get our Christmas tree on a weekday this year because we didn't feel like battling the traffic on a weekend, and it was supposed to be an unseasonably warm day.  We set out, got our cart, saw, and headed out.  We went to the Douglas Firs because we like those.  Everything we saw was too big.  We finally found a little skinny guy, and everyone except Rory agreed on it.  She took off to show us one that she liked.  While I took off after her, Kevin and the others cut the tree down.  I didn't get a picture of it at all.  I'm not going to get into detail about everything that went down with Rory, but it was painful and did not make a nice family outing at all.

When she came to terms with getting a tree she didn't like, we let them play on the horse swings.  Kevin had Marley on one, and he reared her back and let go.  I'm not sure how to explain it, but when she went forward the horse's head came back and hit Marley in her face and knocked her glasses crooked.  It took her a moment to register, and she started crying...right after I had just gotten Rory done crying.  

We headed to shake the tree and pack it up.  Rory runs up saying that she at least wants to get the shaking on video.  Right as she said it, the tree was being shaken, and she didn't get it on video (imagine Rory's face here).  We loaded the tree, paid, and left.  Kevin let Rory tie some of the ropes for the tree on top of the car, so when we got in the car Kevin turns to me and says, "Let me know if you see a tree in the rearview mirror."  I'm surprised it didn't happen with how "well" the event had gone so far.  

When we arrived home, I asked Kevin to talk to the masons moving in next door because they were going to order us a window for the living room.  He came back with two guys, and they all had the window done in a half hour.  They got us a whole new top window instead of just a piece of glass.  It looks awesome, and now the neighbors can see our tree!  :P
By the way, none of these pictures turned out very good.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tennessee Thanksgiving

I'm not sure why Logan thought that putting on his new hat meant he had to be dark and brooding, but that's what happened.
Can you see Kaelyn photo-bombing in the background?  Funny.  There was a restaurant named Rock Bottom on the strip.  That's where this video was taken.
Yep, that's Kaelyn hitting Rock Bottom.  HA!  We thought it was funny.  

It was great to see my brother-in-law and his family, but that is one trip I would not recommend unless you stay longer than a day.  One the way home (the Sunday after Thanksgiving...also known as...the second most busiest travel day of the year, we stopped for Mass because it was the first Sunday of Advent.  We were out of Mass at 10a.  With all the traffic and the late start, we rolled into our driveway at 1030p that night.  It.was.awful.  The kids were pretty good there and back.  There were a couple breakdowns, but they didn't do as bad as I thought.  It was a good prep for next year's trip, which is already in the planning phase.  One thing's for certain, we will NOT be getting fast food for every meal!  Now it's written somewhere, so I must follow through.  Happy holiday snuggles!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wednesday with Words

What the aftermath of a painting final looks like.
Sad ice cream.  I told Kevin it was saying,"Stop eating me!"
This story will be a whole other blog once I get the pics off my camera.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tune in Tokyo

Well, it's been awhile, eh?  No, I haven't been in Canada.  It's just been insanely busy.  There's so much to write, but I have pics.  Here's a short snippet of a couple things these past weeks.  As always, things should be slowing down (insert chuckle here), and I'm hoping that I can get back to regularly being here again.  My apologies for my absence.
I have a 20yo.
Marley fell off the kitchen chair the day before Thanksgiving.  The floor won.  She ended up breaking the root off her top right baby tooth.  Hopefully, they'll come out soon.
How my kids relax on Thanksgiving.
We spent the night at my parents' on Thanksgiving night.  My seester was homesick and requested pictures.  This is blurry, but I like it.
The next morning we woke up and drove to Nashville to visit my in-laws.  I have other pics, but this is a quick return rundown.  I will say that I do not recommend driving to Tennessee for a day and driving back.  
I cannot tell you how many times my father disapproved of what I was wearing.  Yesterday, we were twins in fashion.  

**DISCLAIMER - This blog post has nothing to do with the fact that my father-in-law mentioned that I hadn't blogged in a while at dinner tonight**

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Month in Kids

-is turning 20 next week
-can we just let that sink in for a little while longer?
-i'm old
-is plowing through school
-has stalled on the missionary talk, but I don't think it's the last we've seen of it
-has become a mean microwave, paper bag, popcorn maker
-is single again
-as far as temperaments is a phlegmatic/choleric, which is weird

-is an 11yo trying to be 20
-is so helpful and caring
-has a mean streak like her momma
-is trying to figure out this hormone, body changing thing and is getting frustrated, which means she's developing normally
-has come a long way through lots of hard work in her gymnastics
-can go from normal to drama queen in 0.2 milliseconds 
-is melancholic/sanguine, which again is weird.  Maybe this is what it looks like to have a mix of momma and daddy

-is chilling out after a rigorous football schedule
-is already signed up for spring baseball with this new program
-tries daily to escape the throws of all this female drama and fails miserably
-loves grammar and writing at co-op
-is always referred to as calm and loving by everyone he knows
-lives on dairy.  Period.
-loves to be home and playing with his daddy
-is the epitome of phlegmatic

-is losing teeth left and right with fruit; first an apple, then an orange
-is the most talkative of the family
-announces the latest news in our family to every person she meets
-her life has been saved numerous times by her cuteness
-is caring, loving, and tells it like it is
-has my dry sense of humor and comedic timing
-has made it a necessity to bring back the blessings/consequences chart to the family
-sanguine all the way!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold November Daybook

Outside my window...
It's 41 and cloudy.  We got that arctic chill coming in from Alaska supposedly.  It looks like it's going to snow, and there are some rumors it'll happen.  I'm fine with that as long as it's not a "go outside and play" snow.  I'm not ready for all that mess and gear yet.

Giving thanks...
We've had some good weekends here as of late.  We're getting into busy time in my family.  Lots of birthdays intermingled amongst holidays makes for a fun, stressful time.  Still have my eye on the goal of making it to Christmas vacation.  Countdown stands at 29 days!

In the schoolroom...
We are doing lots, but I can't post any pics cuz they have other kids in them.  Boo!  Rory's been reading some amazing books.  Logan talked his teacher into letting him do a history project building a Robin Hood "world" in Minecraft.  I was not happy about that one, but oh well.  Marley has been flying through kindergarten fast than her teacher can keep up.  Report cards have come in and there are A's across the board with the exception of one B for Rory in Science.  She decided to ask the teacher how to improve her grade.  She received her answer and has been striving to do what she has asked.  

From the kitchen...
We've been enjoying the 1/4 cow we bought.  That comes in handy!  We've been transitioning to our cold weather dishes.  We did find an awesome chili recipe.  It was really delicious.  I can't post a link because it was in a book.  Sorry!

I am creating...
A Joy Journal.  This is different than the gratitude journal.  The gratitude journal is writing down things you are thankful for.  The joy journal is going to be writing down my moments of joy, which means I have to notice them.  Since that it not my strongest suit, I'm hoping this will keep me aware of my journey to joy.  For instance, I am thankful that I have slippers today because it is freezing in our house.  I'm joyful that I've had time to sit here by the huge kitchen window, with a bowl of warm gumbo, and write some of this blog.

I don't ever want to forget...
the funnyisms I was telling you about and then forgot!  I remembered.  We were on our way to Frozen on Ice and Logan says, "What does funk you mean?"  Before we could ask what he was talking about, he says, "F*CK YOU.  Funk you.  It's written on that wall over there."  Never have I been glad for his slight reading than I was at that moment while we were all in the car.  Kaelyn and Rory giggled in the back seat, and we glossed over it saying people sure do write silly things on walls that don't even make sense.  Whew!

I am working on...
getting the basement cleaned up and organized to prepare for the extra room.  The wall is going up this weekend, but it'll be a while to get everything situated where it needs to go.  We're selling some things, and unfortunately, moving the guineas on to a new family.  We simply don't have the room with the room going in.  Ha!  Rory's upset but has now set her eyes on a new goal...a hamster.  Lord, help me.  Why did I, a lover of cold and a not crazy about animals gal end up with a beach husband and kids, who love animals?  PENANCE.  I must've done something wrong if I have to start my penance now.  It was probably something in my teenage years.  ;)

I am reading...
St. Theresa's Interior Castle still.  I had Adoration this morning, and I was trying to catch up on my Carmel reading.  I had been praying for peace and questioning why I'm so angry all the time and such.  The answers were in my reading.  I love it when God does that.  Now, to act on them is the biggest challenge.  

I am praying...
for Rory.  Eleven is such a hard age.

I am hearing...
the kids making a mess of downstairs since I'm trying to clean it up.  Of course.  Oh, and the dishwasher.

Around the house...
Didn't we already go over this?  Things are getting done here and there.  I need a more consistent system.  Something other than inviting people over for dinner, so I'm forced to clean.  

One of my favorite things...
tea with honey.  As these days get colder and colder, I love sitting at the schooling table warming my hands on my mug of hot tea.  Drinking it helps me stay warm too.  Now if I didn't need three cups a day to get through, but Kevin doesn't like heat so...

A few plans for next week...
I have my homeschool review.  Logan's trying out a new ortho guy.  (don't ask)  Amanda and Tyler's birthday celebration.  Then Kaelyn's.  AAAAHHHHH!  Told you it was a lot.

A picture thought for you...
What happens when Logan's head collides with Marley's mouth.  The tooth fell out while eating an orange this afternoon.  She wouldn't let anyone pull it.  Waiting for the Canadian tooth fairy to make her long journey down here.  

*Joy Journal*
-Getting some things sold to make room in the basement
-A husband that runs around taking said things to their buyers for me
-Listening to all four "kids" (R,L,M, and Kevin) playing Minecraft together.  Even though they fought the whole time, they really enjoy playing that together
-Watching Rory land her front handspring at gymnastics without any help from the teacher.  She was so excited!
-The giggles from the kids at seeing snow on the grass