Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Seven Quick Takes

Where to begin?  Sorry for my prolonged absence.  Remember how I procrastinate?  Well, co-op starts next week, so I've been lesson planning.  Also, Kevin went to Nashville to move his brother.  Wait, this is seven quick takes, so here we go.
Kevin went to Nashville to help his brother move.  He left last Thursday and got back Sunday.  I didn't blog about it because my mom would've killed me for putting that information "out there" like that.  I was trained on how to shoot the gun, which was left loaded in our locked cabinet.  I tried to be "fun" while Kevin was gone.  We had a sleepover in the living room, made tents, got ice cream...I hope I was fun. 

While Kevin was gone, I took Logan to his very first football game.  It was raining profusely too.  Oh, and they assigned me to work the concession stand that morning.  I went from 9-1030a, came home and got Logan, and had Kaelyn come with the girls at noon, which was his actual game time.  Luckily, Nana was there with a big umbrella, and we had enough little ones for everyone else.  Technically, Logan's team lost, but they're little so there really wasn't any score keeping on the board at least.  He did ok.  If I thought he could hear me, I would've shouted for him to not just stand there a couple of times, but it was his first game.  Afterward he got MacDonald's, which I don't like doing, but he loves and hadn't eaten for three hours!

Did I mention co-op starts next week?  I am scrambling to get my room ready, and my lessons planned.  I think one or the other will get done but not both.  It's tricky since we can only get into the building when someone else is there to let us in.  Since two of the people with keys were on vacation this week, I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but we still did a good bit.  Kevin got to come and finally see my classroom all done up.
I made these cupcakes by hand.  If you look closely, they're messed up, but they don't look too bad from far away.  Yay!

I visited my parents a couple weekends ago, and my mom presented me with an old tin of Whitman's cookies.  Inside was beads, strings, crosses, and makings for Rosaries.  I used to make Rosaries with my sisters when I was younger.  My mom and I figured the tin was about 30 years old.  Rory caught on quick that evening as I tried to remember how to make the knots.  Unfortunately, the tin only contained a couple colors other than green, and those beads were gone fairly quickly.  I ordered up some new beads, and we're back in business.  We've already had some blessed.  Funny story...We were in the car, and Rory asked if "White Man's" still makes cookies.  We said, "WHAT!?"  I looked back and saw that she had the tin.  She mispronounced Whitman's.  Speaking of blessings...

We had our old priest come out and bless our house. It was so nice of him and quick too.  Logan and Marley were excited to meet him because he baptized both of them.  We did a little ceremony, and he went room to room blessing along the way.  We all were blessed too.  Since then we've all been sleeping better, but I'm still going to smudge the house on a recommendation of a friend.  Smudging is going around your house, clockwise, with burning sage.  You open your doors and windows, so that all negative energy leaves.  It's supposed to be like cleaning your house.  I'm going to cover all my bases, and it can't hurt.  My friend is going to do it for/with me.
We spent our last spend Sunday at Good Will again.  I'm going to have to go back again this weekend to get some more books for my classroom.  Anyway, Marley found a pink Hello Kitty guitar.  It's missing two strings, but she plays away on do Rory and Logan.  They've been having "mass" together and each playing the priest.  The guitar comes in handy for the Responsorial Psalm.  It's really cute, but I'll post more on that later.  Logan scored himself a picture of San Francisco (don't ask me why), and Rory got herself a glass pitcher pouring thingy, hence the "mass" playing.  Eventually they'll figure out that they should try to hold onto their money some rather than spend it right out of the gate.

We had a playdate today with my dear friends, Courtney and Beckie.  We swam, ate, laughed...these ladies.  We normally try to do Saturday morning meetings a Panera without kids, but it hasn't worked all summer.  These ladies get me.  It stinks that we're all in three different co-ops and spaced apart.  I'm definitely going to try to keep in touch more with both of them.  Courtney was telling me a story today that I could've said verbatim any other time myself.  Those are soul buddies.  We are God led and trying to stay afloat.  Makes sisters, I tell ya!  At snack time Marley had a bit too much watermelon.  I told her she looked like Heath Ledger in Batman, but of course, she didn't know what I was talking about.  
One More to Grow on...
I may not have my school room done, but I'll be relaxing come Halloween.  Check!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chores and Blessings

I mentioned reward trips for the kids and said I would explain it later.  Here ya go.  I got this system from a friend.  So far it's working great.
This is the discipline chart.  The left column is the "If" column.  The middle is a Bible verse pertaining to said "If".  The last column is what happens if you commit the "If".  For example...

Arguing, Complaining, Whining (If)

"Do all things without murmurings or disputes." Philippians 2:14 (Bible Verse)

OLDER: Do chore for person arguing with.  
YOUNGER: No talking 15 min. (Then)

I like the bottom one of irreverent behavior at church means loss of treat.  This one works well with Marley, since Sunday is a treat allowed day.  This list has helped a lot because we're transitioning out of time outs and needed something immediate to do.
This is the Blessings Chart.  The rings and ovals at the side are signs for beads.  My friend has a jar for each kid and large white beans that she puts in when they do something on the list like obedience, and again it has a Bible verse.  We got small white beads and it took FOREVER for the kids to fill their jars.  We switched to beads that are more like glass balls for adorning vases or something.  Here an example...

Cheerfulness, Thankfulness

"A happy heart makes the face cheerful.." Prov. 15:13

One bean/bead

Here are their jars and what beads they currently have.  Since the first jar took over a month, we gave them big prizes.  After switching to beads, they get something smaller.  It's always an outing, and we try to make it with each child individually.  Sometimes it's ice cream, a trip to a store to window shop or buy something with their own money, or Chick-Fil-A (Marley).  It's taking about 3 weeks for jars to fill.  

On top of all this, I implemented their chore charts.  I keep them in page covers and have them mark off what they've done with dry erase markers.  I have pics of just the papers because I need new page protectors, so they haven't been marking them off lately.  This chart was made during the school year, so on Tuesdays and Fridays they didn't have as much to do.  On the discipline chart when it says to do a chore for the person you're arguing with, this is where I get the chore, although we've been known to make them up on the spot with something we need done right then.  They're not anything huge, but something that they don't normally do.

This is Rory's Chore Chart.  Mondays are her busiest days.  Basically, she gets up, prays, gets dressed, brushes her hair, puts clothes away if she has some, clears floor in front of dresser, laundry in basket, brushes teeth, wipes bathroom sink, eats breakfast, empties dishwasher, bedroom trash can, helps Marley with trash downstairs, mops under table, vacuums entryway, and promises to be helpful and have a cheerful attitude.  This list seems long, but it's not so bad.  Some of the chores, she has Logan and Marley's help.
Marley's and Logan's has pictures along with their chores to help them out.  Logan can read, but it still helps for a quick look.  

I've tied commissions to chores during the week.  Sunday is payday.  They each get $5.  $.50 goes to tithing, $2.50 to savings, and $2 for spending.  Sunday is also our spend day.  Throughout the week, they can see things they want and whatever stores, but they can't get it until Sunday if they have enough money.  This enforces the "sleep on it" strategy rather than the "instant gratification" one.  They don't like it, and I don't care.  

Well, there you have it.  Things that have been going well with the kids.  If you'd like to steal, and I know you, shoot me an email and I can send you the charts.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

End of The Year Folders 2013-2014

So...other blogs I read that homeschool are posting their "End of the Year Folders".  These are supposed to be actually folders with work that the kids have done inside, but they make these cool covers.  I decided to try it.  This is my second attempt trying to do it, and I decided to stick it out.  Granted we're at the beginning of another school year already, but I would like to actually make a whole folder next year. I think the idea is cool.  Without further ado...2013-2014 School Folder Covers! :(  I didn't notice Logan's has a mistake because the word "subject" is cut off, and it won't let me fix it without doing the whole thing all over again.  Sorry about that.
Well?  What do you think?  I have to play more and learn other techniques, but I don't think these are too bad right off the bat.  I can't find colors that show up to read well, but it might be the pics are too busy.  Still, I love them!  All answers were given by the kids.  I asked the same questions as the other bloggers.  I'm going to print them out and put them in their baby books.  

Friday, August 15, 2014

Logan's 8th!

Let's see if I can muster up some pics of Logan's birthday for you.  It seems so long ago!
Logan was my hardest baby and is my easiest child.  I can't believe he's 8!  Happy birthday, Logan!  You are the best boy a mom could ask for!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I think Logan is running in this one.

And tackling in this one.

He's doing good.  There was a minor breakdown where KJ had to tell him that this is football.  It's hard work.  He had to quit or buck up.  He bucked up.  :)  It's bittersweet.  That's my little boy they're yelling at and torturing, but he's surviving, growing, and excelling.  Games start next weekend, and then it's football every weekend until mid-October.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about that right now, but I'm pretty sure how I'm going to feel about it later.  Then again, if there's a time to be outside for football games, fall will be lovely.  I say that now!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Ramblings

We had a free weekend this past weekend meaning there wasn't anything pressing to do.  Logan had football, but that was all on the schedule.  We decided to give the kids their rewards for filling their jars.  I don't think I've explained this reward system yet, so I'll do that in the next couple posts.  Anyway, we headed out to Rory's pick of Goodwill and dropped Kevin and Logan at Sweetfrog (Logan's pick).  Rory had her heart set on a porcelain doll she saw at Goodwill a while ago.

We walked in and headed right to shoes because they were first.  Marley quickly found a pair of blue/rainbow Sketchers sneakers.  They were her size!  She doesn't need sneakers, but these were super cute even though they were lace-ups.  I turned them over to check the price.  Any guesses?!


Yes, you read that right.  Now here's the pic, so you can jump up and down with me and Mars.
These things are in better than mint condition.  There's barely any wear on them at all.  It reminded me of my consignment shop shopping days with Maureen.  We would get so excited about finding all these great deals!

Next up was the book section.  Since I'm teaching kinder this fall, I want a decent library for the kids.  I'm hoping to check out seasonal books from the library, but I want a constant learning center for them too.  I was given a budget by the co-op, and I figured it couldn't hurt to look.  I was mainly searching for the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  It's an alphabet book that I'm decorating my door after.  It's going to say, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Look who's in Mrs. Bucy's Room."  You need the book you're going to reference your door from!  I priced it at the book store for $15 for the paperback.  While I was looking for that book, which meant going through every title of two, five shelved book shelves, I found all these other great books.  And then...
Ladies and gentlemen, the hardback book I was searching for priced at $.95.  What the what?!?!!?  I did a little happy dance right there.  Here's the stack I ended up with for $11 (and that's the price INCLUDING Marley's shoes!)
I am now on a mission to Goodwills everywhere.  I know of another one the next town over that I'll be visiting soon, and let's not forget when I visit my moms.  I'm so excited!

Sunday brought a travel to a different church for us.  All was fine and dandy until I had to take Marley to the bathroom even though we had gone RIGHT BEFORE MASS.  We had just said the Our Father when I heard the priest tell someone to call 911.  Apparently the altar server had fainted and fallen off the altar where her chair toppled onto her afterward. It was quite the commotion, and by the time the priest continued on with Mass, there were EMTs walking down the Communion lines trying to get to the girl.  They could've walked around the back of the church but whatever.  She was taken out on a stretcher in a neck brace, and my kids were worried.  They want to go back next week to see if she's ok.

We finally got to the pool this afternoon much to Logan's delight.  He got to show daddy how he can go down the slide, off the diving board, and in the deep end now.  There was hardly anyone there and more than once, we had one of the pools to ourselves.  It was lovely except for when you got out of the pool, and the breeze hit.  Brrrrr.  

Back home Marley requested a game of Hedbanz.  You have to wear a headband with a card displaying a pic that you have to guess by asking questions.  Follow me?  I love this game because it's funny, and we can ALL play it together.  Unfortunately, I ended up with this card.
Everyone was laughing hysterically, even Kevin.  I started out with, "Am I an animal?"  Kevin said that I wasn't but everyone was still laughing.  Then it came to me.  I blurted out, "Am I ketchup?!"  When they confirmed my guess, I threw the card off my head. 
YUCK!  Then I got this one, and it was Kevin's turn to be grossed out.
Kevin does NOT like mice.  Long story.  We were all rolling at this point and then this little one broke out with this.
We all tried to gobble her right up!  She turned to me and said, "Mom, why didn't you give me a clue and say it was your favorite?"  HaHa!  It was a great weekend all around.

Thursday, August 7, 2014