Thursday, February 6, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Rory is doing her first debate speech in school tomorrow.  She is debating Apple Vs. Dell.  Luckily, she's pro Apple, so Kevin's head doesn't have to explode.  She's worried, but I think she'll do fine.  She's a very animated speaker.
Almost three weeks in to Paleo, and I've discovered 85% cocoa dark chocolate with peanut butter.  Oh my!  It's certainly making my evenings more tolerable.
It looks like we're off to another college look see for Kaelyn.  This one is a sort of middle ground between the one we've seen, and the one she originally had her heart set on.  I think she's getting serious about her studies because of it.
The Dave Ramsey class starts tomorrow.  I am not ready.  I don't think we have many students unless all the people that called for info show up.  
I almost broke my Paleo and had a bowl of Frosted Flakes.  It's not even my favorite cereal, but I am CRAVING it.  Ugh!
We made it Wednesday morning to Marley's eye appt.  She needs new glasses, and she is thrilled.  Unfortunately, the doc said that she is becoming near sighted in her Astigmatism eye which means she will always need glasses.  :(  My poor girl.  So far Logan is the lone wolf of the family without eye problems.  I hope it stays that way.  
Did you all have fun in the ice storm?  I was brushing my teeth when I head this huge crash.  A branch fell on our deck.  We had a total of five branches fall that day.  None of them did any damage.  Thank goodness!  

1 comment:

  1. 1. Rory really worked on the debate and I hear the teacher used her as an example of how to do a speech. I knew all along she would do good though. Nora is 100% right about my head not exploding.

    2. Nora's doing really good at the diet thing. I wish I was doing as well :(

    3. Nora and I talked about this the other day. Kaelyn certainly does seem to want to focus more and get in on time. I hope she does well and know she will.

    4. Class was good. We got a High Schooler to watch a couple of the kids that were there. Hopefully the people show back up this coming week. We took a vote and they wanted to keep class on Valentines so there you go.

    5. I know these craving things. I don't stay strong and give in to mine to easily. I think that's why Nora might actually beat me in one of these "I lost it" challenges.

    6. Marley is a little cutie either way. She'll get older and get contacts too so it's not so bad. It does stink that she will need them though.

    7. I was lying in bed with Marley, who still comes down in the morning to snuggle with daddy. It was pretty exciting to hear them crack and then watch them fall. I was really surprised with how many came down. There were a couple that I wanted to fall which didn't though ... :(