Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chores and Blessings

I mentioned reward trips for the kids and said I would explain it later.  Here ya go.  I got this system from a friend.  So far it's working great.
This is the discipline chart.  The left column is the "If" column.  The middle is a Bible verse pertaining to said "If".  The last column is what happens if you commit the "If".  For example...

Arguing, Complaining, Whining (If)

"Do all things without murmurings or disputes." Philippians 2:14 (Bible Verse)

OLDER: Do chore for person arguing with.  
YOUNGER: No talking 15 min. (Then)

I like the bottom one of irreverent behavior at church means loss of treat.  This one works well with Marley, since Sunday is a treat allowed day.  This list has helped a lot because we're transitioning out of time outs and needed something immediate to do.
This is the Blessings Chart.  The rings and ovals at the side are signs for beads.  My friend has a jar for each kid and large white beans that she puts in when they do something on the list like obedience, and again it has a Bible verse.  We got small white beads and it took FOREVER for the kids to fill their jars.  We switched to beads that are more like glass balls for adorning vases or something.  Here an example...

Cheerfulness, Thankfulness

"A happy heart makes the face cheerful.." Prov. 15:13

One bean/bead

Here are their jars and what beads they currently have.  Since the first jar took over a month, we gave them big prizes.  After switching to beads, they get something smaller.  It's always an outing, and we try to make it with each child individually.  Sometimes it's ice cream, a trip to a store to window shop or buy something with their own money, or Chick-Fil-A (Marley).  It's taking about 3 weeks for jars to fill.  

On top of all this, I implemented their chore charts.  I keep them in page covers and have them mark off what they've done with dry erase markers.  I have pics of just the papers because I need new page protectors, so they haven't been marking them off lately.  This chart was made during the school year, so on Tuesdays and Fridays they didn't have as much to do.  On the discipline chart when it says to do a chore for the person you're arguing with, this is where I get the chore, although we've been known to make them up on the spot with something we need done right then.  They're not anything huge, but something that they don't normally do.

This is Rory's Chore Chart.  Mondays are her busiest days.  Basically, she gets up, prays, gets dressed, brushes her hair, puts clothes away if she has some, clears floor in front of dresser, laundry in basket, brushes teeth, wipes bathroom sink, eats breakfast, empties dishwasher, bedroom trash can, helps Marley with trash downstairs, mops under table, vacuums entryway, and promises to be helpful and have a cheerful attitude.  This list seems long, but it's not so bad.  Some of the chores, she has Logan and Marley's help.
Marley's and Logan's has pictures along with their chores to help them out.  Logan can read, but it still helps for a quick look.  

I've tied commissions to chores during the week.  Sunday is payday.  They each get $5.  $.50 goes to tithing, $2.50 to savings, and $2 for spending.  Sunday is also our spend day.  Throughout the week, they can see things they want and whatever stores, but they can't get it until Sunday if they have enough money.  This enforces the "sleep on it" strategy rather than the "instant gratification" one.  They don't like it, and I don't care.  

Well, there you have it.  Things that have been going well with the kids.  If you'd like to steal, and I know you, shoot me an email and I can send you the charts.  

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  1. They go through peaks and valleys for these. They get 2-4 a day then none for a while. I tend to be a little more liberal with them I think. I am sure that Nora is same way though. It's fun to take them out and talk and spend time with them one on one. I don't like doing the punishment chart and it seems the only one I use for Marley is the 15 minutes of quiet. That girl can be really loud! :)